About Us

Auto Glass Bus Kavala

Auto Glass Bus Kavala is a company with many years of experience and expertise in the field of  the internal and external appearance of the mini bus and the development of the
VIP Bus.

With our many years of presence in the bus area, specialized services in the field of crystals
But our configuration of our sites is now among the best nationwide!

The Auto Glass Buss Kavala using the new more modern methods is constantly evolving, investing in
Technical infrastructure technologies and specialized personnel with the aim of continuously upgrading the
Services and its products for the benefit of its customers and partners.

With full specialization, know-how and pioneering ideas, a member of our specialized staff
He is at your side to offer you the solution even in the most difficult:

  •  Desalination (clearing) of bus side crystals
  •  Windscreen Mounting
  •  Membrane positioning (tinted)
  •  A special style of tyre conversion in Bova Futura buses

With continuous and ceaseless effort for the best possible of your business in all areas And the close business relationship with all our partners has highlighted us as one of the most dynamic Emerging companies all over Greece.

Why Choose Us

Specialized staff is at your disposal all the time to provide you with even the most difficult solutions!

If you are looking for the best proposal for any modification or conversion, investing as little money as possible in a targeted refurbishment of your business's mini bus or bus, demanding the maximum result for your business need, we are your people!

Many years of experience, specialized knowledge of the subject and constant updating of new techniques, services and products along with our passion for workmanship is that "blend" that makes us feel proud and eager to share our know-how with you first a chance to work together!

With excellent levels of organization, methodicality and professionalism, we are faithfully following the timetable even under the most difficult of stress conditions, positively tackling any difficulties that may arise. Our goal is the timely and effective completion of each job with the complete satisfaction of each individual customer - our partner!


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